Twinning by merohedry in bis(4-methoxyphenyl)tellurium(IV) diiodide dimethyl -sulfoxide hemisolvate

Joan Farran, Angel Alvarez-Larena, Joan F. Piniella, Mario V. Capparelli, Karen Friese

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Green crystals of the title compound, C14H14I2O2Te·0.5C2H6OS, space group P32, show twinning by merohedry (class II). The asymmetric unit contains two organotellurium mol-ecules and one dimethyl -sulfoxide (DMSO) mol-ecule. The crystal structure displays secondary Te⋯I and Te⋯O(DMSO) bonds that lead to [(4-MeOC6H4)2TeI2]2·DMSO supra-molecular units in which the two independent organotellurium mol-ecules are bridged by the DMSO O atom. In addition to these secondary bonds, I⋯I inter-actions link translationally equivalent organotellurium mol-ecules to form nearly linear ⋯I - Te - I⋯I - Te - I⋯ chains. These chains are crosslinked, forming two-dimensional arrays parallel to (001). The crystal packing consists of a stacking of these sheets, which are related by the 32 axis. This study describes an unusual dimeric arrangement of X - Te - X groups. © 2008 International Union of Crystallography.
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PublicaciónActa Crystallographica Section C: Crystal Structure Communications
EstadoPublicada - 26 abr 2008


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