Treatment time of image-guided radiotherapy with a Halcyon 2.0 system

Marcelino Hermida-López*, David García-Relancio, Marina Comino-Muriano, Brenda Pérez-Esteve, Esther Castillo-Elías, Yolanda Carrera-García, Jordi Giralt

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Introduction: The treatment fraction time is a key indicator of the external beam radiotherapy process. The Halcyon system was designed to improve the clinical workflow, according to the manufacturer (Varian Medical Systems). Few works studied the actual delivery efficiency of the Halcyon system. This work analyzed the treatment time on a Halcyon 2.0 unit for a variety of sites along a period of 9 months. Materials and Methods: Treatment time included patient setup, image acquisition, image-guided online couch correction, and radiation delivery time. Data were extracted from the ARIA oncology information system and were studied as a function of the treatment site, the delivery modality, and the time from the first day of treatments with the Halcyon 2.0 system in our institution. Results: A total of 8599 fractions were delivered during the analyzed period (69.5% from VMAT plans, and 30.5% from IMRT plans). The number of fractions by site ranged from 30 for anal canal to 1933 for prostate. Five sites (prostate, lung, pelvis with prostate, breast, and gynecological sites) accounted for the 84% of the fractions. After a 2-week adaptation period of the staff, the daily mean treatment time was reduced to less than 12 min. The mean treatment time of all the fractions amounted to 10.5 ± 3.8 min. Conclusions: The Halcyon 2.0 allowed delivering online image-guided radiation therapy in all fractions with total treatment time consistently below the 12-min standard time slot, for most of the analyzed treatment sites.
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PublicaciónJournal of Medical Imaging and Radiation Sciences
EstadoPublicada - mar 2023


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