The PRALINE database : protein and Rna humAn singLe nucleotIde variaNts in condEnsates

Andrea Vandelli, Magdalena Arnal, Michele Monti, Jonathan Fiorentino, Laura Broglia, Alessio Colantoni, Natalia Sánchez de Groot, Marc Torrent Burgas, Alexandros Armaos, Gian Gaetano Tartaglia

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Biological condensates are membraneless organelles with different material properties. Proteins and RNAs are the main components, but most of their interactions are still unknown. Here, we introduce PRALINE, a database for the interrogation of proteins and RNAs contained in stress granules, processing bodies and other assemblies including droplets and amyloids. PRALINE provides information about the predicted and experimentally validated protein-protein, protein-RNA and RNA-RNA interactions. For proteins, it reports the liquid-liquid phase separation and liquid-solid phase separation propensities. For RNAs, it provides information on predicted secondary structure content. PRALINE shows detailed information on human single-nucleotide variants, their clinical significance and presence in protein and RNA binding sites, and how they can affect condensates' physical properties. PRALINE is freely accessible on the web at .
Idioma originalInglés
N.º. 1
EstadoPublicada - 2023


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