Solvent Influence in the Synthesis of Lead(II) Complexes Containing Benzoate Derivatives

Jose Antonio Ayllon, Oriol Vallcorba Valls, Concepción Domingo

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A series of lead(II) complexes incorporating benzoate derivative ligands was prepared: [Pb(2MeOBz)] (1), [Pb(2MeOBz)(HO)] (2), [Pb(1,4Bzdiox)(DMSO)] (3), [Pb(1,4Bzdiox)(HO)] (4), [Pb(Pip)(HO)] (5), and [Pb(Ac)(Pip)(MeOH)] (6) (2MeOBz: 2-methoxybenzoate; 1,4Bzdiox: 1,4-benzodioxan-5-carboxylate; DMSO: dimethylsulfoxide; Ac: acetate; Pip: piperonylate; MeOH: methanol). All compounds were characterized via elemental analysis, ATR-FTIR spectroscopy, and powder XRD. In addition, the crystal structures of some compounds were elucidated. Compounds 1 and 2, involving 2-methoxybenzoate, were closely related, only differing in the presence of one extra aqua ligand found for the latter. However, this implies key changes in the studied properties, e.g., 2 shows solid-state luminescence that displays a different color as a function of the crystal orientation, while 1 does not. The crystal structure of 2 revealed a 1D coordination polymer. A similar relationship was found between compounds 3 and 4, incorporating 1,4-benzodioxan-5-carboxylate. In this pair, only 4, with aqua ligands, displayed a greenish-yellow-color solid-state luminescence. Furthermore, two new lead(II) piperonylate complexes, 5 and 6, were obtained from the reaction between lead(II) acetate and piperonylic acid. In water, all acetate ligands in the metal precursor were displaced and [Pb(Pip)(HO)] (5) was isolated, while in methanol, a mixed acetate-piperonylate complex, [Pb(Ac)(Pip)(MeOH)] (6), was precipitated. Considering only conventional Pb-O bonds, the crystal structure of 6 was described as a 1D coordination polymer, although, additionally, the chains were associated via tetrel bonds, defining an extended 2D architecture.
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EstadoPublicada - 2 ene 2024


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