Psychometric properties of the Perceived Stress Scale-4 (PSS-4) in a Colombian sample: Onefactor, two-factor, or method effects?

Juan P. Sanabria-Mazo*, Andrés Gómez-Acosta, Julio Annicchiarico-Lobo, Juan V. Luciano*, Antoni Sanz

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Introduction: The Perceived Stress Scale-4 (PSS-4) is an ultra-brief self-report measure to assess psychological stress. This study evaluated the psychometric properties of the PSS-4 in Colombia. Method: A total of 1,911 adult participants with a university education completed the PSS-4. The characteristics of the items and the subscales were explored. The dimensionality was assessed using principal component analysis and confirmatory factor analysis (CFA), incorporating an examination of invariance (configural, metric, scalar, and strict) across socio-demographic characteristics. Construct validity (convergent and discriminant), reliability indices, know-groups, and predictive validity were also computed. Results: CFA showed that the one-factor model (psychological stress) with method effects (correlated error terms on the negative-phrased items) was the most appropriate according to fit indices and parsimony considerations, being invariant across gender and age, but not across income level and work status. Internal consistency was adequate for the PSS-4. Significant positive correlations of the PSS-4 were identified with depression and anxiety, as well as significant negative correlations were identified with post-traumatic growth and resilience. The PSS-4 showed adequate capacity to predict potential depressive and anxiety symptoms, as well as protective factors such as resilience and post-traumatic growth. Higher scores on the PSS-4 were observed among young people, as well as among people with lower incomes and those who are unemployed. Conclusions: These findings suggest that the PSS-4 can be a reliable and valid tool for assessing psychological stress in Colombians with a university education.
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PublicaciónRevista Latinoamericana de Psicologia
EstadoPublicada - 2024


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