La audiencia como autor: narrativas transmedia y propiedad intelectual del público. Algunas reflexiones jurídicas

Javier Díaz-Noci, Anna Tous-Rovirosa

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Since copyright first appeared in the legal system in the 17th century, with every new technology the enforcement of authors' rights has faced a necessary adaptation of the mechanisms to protect authors. The popularization of the Internet's publishing and dissemination tools has multiplied phenomena which previously existed, such as reader participation or narrative extension through transformation of preexisting works. In one way or another, this promotes the audience to the category of (co)authors. Participative or citizen journalism and fanfictions, which have appeared in several media, have produced the so-called transmedia narratives, which present certain legal considerations. This text analyzes the challenges that transmedia narrative has posed to the intellectual property system.
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EstadoPublicada - 1 sept 2012

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