From PSB to PSM in local media. The challenges for television stations in their adaptation to the digital era

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In recent years, new goals have been added to the traditional functions associated with PSB, such as the need for innovation and interaction with the audience. How are local media adapting to the digital era? What challenges are they facing in this process? Are there more risks for them than for big broadcasters? The goal of this chapter is to answer these questions, with two main objectives: to show how adaptation to the digital era is taking place in public local stations that offer a public service, and to explain the challenges that these media are facing in the process. Using a qualitative methodology based on consultation of official documentation, interviews, non-participant observation and a focus group, this chapter describes the situation of public local television in Catalonia regarding adaptation to the digital era.
Local stations have adopted some internal measures to adapt their structure and routines to new ways of producing and consuming content. It should be mentioned that they have integrated newsrooms, and that they have begun working with other innovation-linked projects in the territory. Despite these changes, the results show that local media have less capacity to respond to the challenges of the new age, especially due to lack of funding to develop new technologies and strategies.
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