Effects of microplastics exposure on soil inorganic nitrogen : a comprehensive synthesis

Yangzhou Xiang, Josep Peñuelas, Jordi Sardans i Galobart, Ying Liu, Bin Yao, Yuan Li

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    Microplastics, a growing environmental concern, impact soil inorganic nitrogen (N) transformation, specifically affecting water-extractable nitrate N (NO−3 − N) and ammonium N (NH+4 − N). However, inconsistencies among relevant findings necessitate a systematic analysis. Accordingly, the present meta-analysis addresses these discrepancies by evaluating the effects of microplastics on soil inorganic N and identifying key influencing factors. Our meta-analysis of 216 paired observations from 47 studies demonstrates microplastics exposure causes an overall significant reduction of 7.89% in soil concentration, but has no significant impact on concentration. Subgroup analysis further revealed effects of microplastics on soil inorganic N were modulated by microplastics characteristics, experimental conditions (exposure time, experimental temperature, plant effects), and soil properties (soil texture, initial soil pH, initial soil organic carbon, soil total N concentration). We found that microplastics exposure above 27 ℃ enhances soil concentration, a finding linked to specific soil properties and conditions, underscoring the impacts of global warming. Importantly, the microplastics polymer type was the most influential predictor of effects on soil concentration, while soil concentration was primarily affected by soil texture and microplastics type. These findings illuminate the complex effects of microplastics on soil inorganic N, informing soil management amid increasing microplastics pollution.
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    PublicaciónJournal of Hazardous Materials
    EstadoAceptada en prensa - 2023


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