Effectiveness of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in Professional Dementia Caregivers Burnout

Xavier Montaner*, Salomé Tárrega, Melodie Pulgarin, Jenny Moix

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Objectives: To implement and assess the efficacy of a 6-week Acceptance and Commitment Therapy intervention to reduce anxiety and burnout in healthcare professionals working with dementia, and to increase their psychological flexibility and life satisfaction. Methods: A total of 105 workers from the XXXXX Hospital were randomly assigned to an intervention group (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy) or a wait list control group. Psychological Flexibility (AAQ-II), Life Satisfaction (SWLS), Anxiety (STAI-T), and Burnout (MBI) were measured before and after the intervention. Follow-up data were collected 3 months and 12 months post-intervention. Split-plot analyses were performed following intention to treat approach. Results: No significant differences were found in baseline outcome measures. No time effects were found in wait list control group in any variable. In the intervention group, pre-post comparison showed a significant decrease in levels of MBI emotional exhaustion (p = .001) and anxiety (p < .001), and an increase in life satisfaction levels (p < .001) and MBI personal accomplishment (p < .001). These results were maintained at the 3- and 12-month follow-up periods. No significant intervention effects were observed in pre-post flexibility scores; however, data suggest slight progressive increase in flexibility at follow-up. Conclusions: Acceptance and Commitment Therapy showed positive effects in healthcare professionals working with dementia by reducing anxiety and burnout. Clinical implications: The implementation of Acceptance and Commitment Therapy could help to increase the psychological well-being of healthcare professionals working with dementia.

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PublicaciónClinical Gerontologist
EstadoAceptada en prensa - 2021


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