Del cooperativismo a la economía socialmente orientada

Julieta Martínez-Cuero, JL Molina

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Based on a review of the literature on the social economy and the results of a research on social entrepreneurship carried out in Catalonia, it is evident that we have identified the need to advance in a theoretical conceptualization of the "social economy" that take into account its origins, current reality and regulatory framework, but also account for the relatively recent emergence of the phenomenon of "social entrepreneurship" and other initiatives that emerged from the financial crisis and inspired especially by the cooperative model. Based on the critical analysis of the characteristics attributed to "social entrepreneurship" by public and private actors, the concept of "socially oriented economy" is proposed as a field that includes both the traditional social economy and the new spaces oriented either to the market or to the exchange, but which in any case take the social economy as a model.
Título traducido de la contribución"Del Cooperativisme a l'economia social moderna: el cas de Barcelona", Economia social, cooperativisme i polítiques públiques. Potencialitats d'organitzacions alternatives
Idioma originalEspañol
Título de la publicación alojada"Del Cooperativismo a la economía social moderna: el caso de Barcelona", Economía social, cooperativismo y políticas públicas. Potencialidades de organizaciones alternativas
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EstadoPublicada - 30 ene 2023


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