4-(Dimethyl-amino)phenyl ethynyl telluride

Joan Farran, Angel Alvarez-Larena, Joan F. Piniella, Mario V. Capparelli

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The title compound, C10H11NTe, is the first organyl ethynyl telluride, R - Te - C C - H, to be structurally characterized. In the L-shaped mol-ecule, the aryl moiety, viz. Me2NC6H 4Te, is almost perpendicular to the Te - C C - H fragment. The Te - Csp 2 bond [2.115 (3) Å] is significantly longer than the Te - Csp bond [2.041 (4) Å]. The Te - C C group is approximately linear [Te - C - C = 178.5 (4)° and C C = 1.161 (5) Å], while the coordination at the Te atom is angular [C - Te - C = 95.92 (14)°]. In the crystal structure, there are Csp - H⋯N hydrogen bonds which are perpendicular to the CNMe2 group; the N atom displays some degree of pyramidalization. Centrosymmetrically related pairs of mol-ecules are linked by Te⋯π(ar-yl) inter-actions, with Te⋯Cg = 3.683 (4) Å and Csp - Te⋯Cg = 159.1 (2)° (Cg is the centroid of the benzene ring). These inter-actions lead to the formation of zigzag ribbons which run along c and are approximately parallel to (110).
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PublicaciónActa Crystallographica Section E: Structure Reports Online
EstadoPublicada - 15 abr 2009


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