Violencia, Trabajo y Salud: Reproducción de la violencia en ambientes donde se trabaja para erradicarla.

Student thesis: Doctoral thesis


Some scholars of violence have proclaimed for decades that its origin is not linked to our biological nature. For this reason, we study the cultural systems that house it, the social elements that make it up, the social interactions that propitiate it, the emotions that accompany victims and executioners. The different forms of violence are studied: political violence, cultural violence, gender violence, violence at work, etc. Translating each and every one of these aspects into human reality is overwhelming; painful, it involves suffering and misfortune. Therefore, we ask ourselves, is there a micro or macro social system in which there is no violence? This doctoral thesis is born from the observation of a paradox in a very concrete environment; violence in environments where work is being done to eradicate gender violence. Within the framework of the Doctoral Programme Persona i Societat en el Món Contemporani, a compendium of articles is being developed with the aim of describing the relational dynamics that occur in the working environment of professionals and for professionals who work to combat gender violence. In addition, it investigates the social or organizational factors that allow and sustain these practices. Finally, it describes and analyses the physical and psychological consequences of suffering situations of mistreatment in this work environment and the ways in which it is dealt with
Date of Award19 Sept 2019
Original languageSpanish
SupervisorLeonor M. Espinosa (Director)

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