Translating identities in multilingual news.

Student thesis: Doctoral thesis


This research is a descriptive case-study focused on the news texts published on the official web-page of Euronews in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, French, Ukrainian, and Russian. The research endeavours to describe how identity-related information is represented through linguistic means of discursive identity construction in multilingual news. We will consider cross-cultural transfer of identity aspects, as well as variations in the way the same information is represented within one news media in different languages. Applying the approaches of translation studies and critical discourse analysis, we look into how identities are transferred, represented, and constructed. The study focuses on the characteristic features of translation methods, news-production principles, and identity construction strategies. The research is based on the assumption, that there are various procedures for adjustment of information in different languages between news texts. Thus, we suppose that through re-writing, and re-editing of news articles, different language versions acquire distinct components of identity construction. This, therefore, implies certain interdependence between translation methods, procedures, and strategies applied in news production on the one hand, and strategies of discursive identity construction, on the other hand. The research was carried out by systematic observation, combining critical discourse analysis with the approaches of translation studies. Based on the analysis of the selected corpus, we endeavour to describe how different language versions of news texts vary in terms of discursive identity construction, and which potential effect it may create in the target text. The corpus for this research was selected by the mixed method of random and purposive sampling: we selected the English language version as the reference page and observed articles that appeared on the homepage of Euronews within the first week of every month from September 2015 to May 2017, comparing different language versions. We expect that this study and its findings will be of relevance for further research in the realms of translation and communication studies, discourse analysis, and social sciences, in particular in terms of discursive identity construction, media accessibility, and sustainable journalism.
Date of Award15 Jul 2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorLaura Santamaria Guinot (Director) & Judit Fontcuberta Famadas (Tutor)


  • Traducció de notícies; Traducción de noticias; News translation; Construcció d'identitat; Coonstrucción de identidad; Identity construction; Discurs dels mitjans de comunicació; Discurso de los medios de comunicación; Media discourse

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