Singular integrals, rectifiability and elliptic measure.

Student thesis: Doctoral thesis


The thesis investigates the relation between the geometric properties of measures in Euclidean spaces and the behavior of certain associated singular integral operators. We also show some application to the study of elliptic PDEs. First, we characterize the regularity of the planar chord-arc Jordan curves whose associated maximal Cauchy transform can be pointwise dominated by the second-order iteration of the Hardy-Littlewood maximal function on the curve, assuming a natural background asymptotic conformality condition. In particular, it turns out that this curves do not necessarily have tangents at each point but they are differentiable almost everywhere with derivatives in VMO. The conditions on a measure that determine whether its associated Cauchy transform defines a compact operator on L^2 are studied in the second chapter; we determine that the compactness can be characterized by a uniform convergence to zero of the upper density of the measure. Then, we investigate an equivalent in the context of elliptic equations of two important recent results on Riesz transform and uniform rectifiabilty. Under a Hölder continuity assumption for the matrix defining the uniformly elliptic operator in divergence form we prove, in collaboration with Laura Prat and Xavier Tolsa, that the gradient of the single layer potential associated with a compactly supported n-Alhfors-David regular mesaure in R^(n+1) is bounded on L^2 if and only if the measure is uniformly n-rectifiable. This result extends the important article by F. Nazarov, X. Tolsa and A. Volberg on the solution of the so-called co-dimension 1 David and Semmes’ problem and we apply it to a one-phase problem for the elliptic measure. Under the same hypothesis for the elliptic equation we establish a local rectifiability criterion for Radon measures which are not necessarily regular. The theorem is formulated in terms of a control of the mean oscillation of the gradient of the single layer potential. This generalizes a recent result by D. Girela-Sarriòn and X. Tolsa. This study constitutes an important step to achieve a rectifiability result for a two-phase problem for the elliptic measure.
Date of Award11 Dec 2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorJoan Manuel Verdera Melenchon (Director), Xavier Tolsa Domenech (Director) & Xavier Tolsa Domenech (Tutor)

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