Scottish English in the TV show Outlander: How accurately does a Scottish character speak Scots?

Student thesis: Final degree project (TFG)


English varieties are usually misrepresented in the media due to different factors. Firstly, some of them are seen as 'bad English'. Secondly, and most important, they are not studied enough, especially when it comes to their syntactic and morphological features, and thus, there is not enough information in order to truthfully represent the variety. Therefore, this paper intends to review the literature on the variety of English spoken in Scotland - Scots or Scottish English. Once this is done, an analysis on the TV series Outlander will be carried out in order to see if the variety is represented faithfully or not, so as to answer the question how well Scots is represented in a TV series set in Scotland.
Date of Award2019
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorSusagna Tubau Muntaña (Director)

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