Redacción publicitaria en Internet. La ilusión de conversar

Student thesis: Doctoral thesis


We plan this thesis to observe if determinate use of the marks of utterance manipulation is well considered by the professionals of the advertising copywriting in internet. We centre especially in the deixis as a factor approaching the advertising texts to dialogue. In this sense, we also study the selection of the acts of speech. We extract the field of study among the actions of communication that concurred to the FIAP of 2009. In this way we can compare the use of the deixis in three groups of reference: the actions rewarded the selected in the short list and the ones not selected. Once transcribed all the banners, classical and enriched, we divide them in utterances, syntagmas and/or words to analyse and quantify the deixis present in all them. We also observe and process the acts of speech found. The crossing of the data obtained allows us to conclude that the greater (and better) use of the deixis is a well valued factor because the announcements rewarded result to be the ones with a bigger deixis density. Likewise we catalog a new class of deixis, the interface one that turns into characteristic of the advertising copywriting in internet. In all, we establish a group of 9 councils for a better deixis use in the advertising copywriting. We also trace the model of the emissary and and the model of the internet user. Both are defined by the selections of acts of speech we found. The study reveals that the verbal content of the banners are texts in action between interlocutors.
Date of Award5 Feb 2016
Original languageSpanish
Supervisor Xavier Ruiz Collantes (Director) & David Roca Correa (Director)

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