Políticas de inmigración: la regularización de los no regulados

Student thesis: Doctoral thesis


Girona department from 1985 until 2000, highlighting the different processes of regularization that happened at that time. Depending on the areas of procedence, it considers a muliciplicity of synchronic migrations: Magreb, Gambian, Senegalese, Argentine, Dominican, Indian and Chinese. From a marc conceptual derived from the system theory, the origin and evolution of the migratory process at Girona department is explained. The analysis of interdependent systems, as familiar reagrupation, the second generation, the emigrants acogidos a los diferentes contingente happened until today, and the foreigners documented because of the regularization of 1991, allows the shaping of the latent structure of the migratory process to the Girona province.

Moreover, the thesis, referring to the 2000, the characteristics of population more significant of not communitarian foreigners settled in this area: geographic distribution, concentration, age pyramids, etc. And from a synthesis of the system of access of residences, as well as from the procedures of obtaining the status of legal resident, that include different regression analysis, it verifies the existence of a migratory model characterized by the fast consolidation of the structure of families and it reflects the continuous progress of the non active population. In addition, through a multivariate analysis, it demonstrate that at short time the determinant factor of a migratory process is the socio-economic juncture of the specific area of settlement, its evolution is the feature more significant in order to limit and induce.
Date of Award18 Apr 2001
Original languageSpanish
SupervisorLuisa Carlota Sole Puig (Director)

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