Memorias colectivas y migraciones. Sentidos políticos de las luchas migrantes en Barcelona

Student thesis: Doctoral thesis


This research explores the construction of collective memories around migrant struggles in Barcelona and the meanings that these memories produce on political practice and the exercise of rights. Through the meta-analysis of seven Narratives of memory produced with activists of these struggles, this research points out that the political memories of migrant struggles dispute the hegemonic frames of recognition that promote the marginalization of migrant collectives from social protection systems. In this framework, the memories produced in this research establish alternative intelligibility schemes that constitute collective subjects with agency worthy of protection. To this end, they rework time and social space, inscribing multiple beginnings and presences through the memory of collective actions. At the same time, they construct a place of political enunciation that understands the migrant category as the effect of a matrix of domination that produces precariousness. The reinterpretation of violence through memory configures a political community that has at its core heterogeneity and the struggle for social justice, promoting collective actions that link diverse spheres of life. This research is a contribution to the intersection of collective memory and migration studies by considering migrant collective action as an object of memory, the migrant category as an effect of and producer of collective memory, and migrant struggles as a space of commemoration that shapes a community of belonging by promoting other pasts in which to recognize ourselves.
Date of Award16 Nov 2022
Original languageSpanish
SupervisorMarisela Montenegro Martinez (Director), Isabel Piper Shafir (Co-director) & Francisco Javier Tirado Serrano (Director)

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