Mejorando la red de los servicios de motores de búsqueda a traves de enrutamiento basado en la aplicación

Student thesis: Doctoral thesis


Large-scale computer systems like Search Engines provide services to thousands of users, and their user demand can change suddenly. This unstable demand impacts sensitively to the service components (like network and hosts). The system should be able to address unexpected scenarios; otherwise, users would be forced to leave the service. A search engine has a typical architecture consisting of a Front Service, that processes the requests of users, an Index Service that stores the information collected from the internet and a Cache Service that manages the efficient access to content frequently used. The scientific advances that provide these services are in general emergent technology. The network services of a search engine require specialized planning; This research is carried out by studying the traffic pattern of a Search Engine and designing a routing model for messages between network nodes based on the data flow conditions of the Search Engine Service. The expected result is a network service specialized in the traffic of a Search Engine that allocates network resources efficiently according to demand it supports in real time. The evaluation of the traffic pattern allowed us to identify conditions of unbalance of the network and congestion of messages. Therefore model designed combines different routing models of the literature and a new criteria based on the specific conditions of the traffic of the Search Engine. For the design of this proposal it has been necessary to design a scale model of a Search Engine using simulation techniques and It has has used traffic from a real system that allowed us to accurately evaluate the proposed model and compare it with currently available routing models in the literature and technology. The results show that the proposed model improves the performance of the Search Engine network in terms of latency and network throughput.
Date of Award20 Jul 2017
Original languageSpanish
SupervisorDaniel Franco Puntes (Director)


  • Interconnection networks
  • Routing algortims
  • Search engine

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