Medidas de coeficiente de difusión por rmn. Metodología, aspectos experimentales y fundamentos

Student thesis: Doctoral thesis


The present Doctoral thesis deals with one of the fields in which high resolution NMR has been introduced in recent years: the study of the phenomenon of molecular translational diffusion motion in dissolution and its importance in the analysis of mixtures of compounds, determination of molecular sizes and the study of a wide variety of inter- and intra-molecular interactions. The thesis describes the development of NMR experiments designed to determine diffusion coefficients, presents a detailed study of the different existing methodologies to measure the molecular diffusion and point out the experimental part necessary to acquire and process data. Much of the work focuses on the study of the experimental factors that most affect the precision and reproducibility, concentrating especially on convection currents. It is proposed the realization of diffusion experiments with the appropriate speeds to minimize these effects of convection and makes a comparative study with sequences designed specifically for this purpose. Finally, the dependence of certain experimental factors (temperature, solvent, concentration...) and some of the main applications was also presented.
Date of Award6 Sept 2011
Original languageSpanish
SupervisorFrancesc Sanchez Ferrando (Director) & Teodor Parella Coll (Director)

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