Los blogs de moda: del periodismo al marketing Análisis de las interacciones entre los egoblogs, los blogs periodísticos y las industrias del sector

Student thesis: Doctoral thesis


The blogs that speak of fashion and complements have become one of the most interesting manifestations of the international blogosphere. The most relevant stylists, the most important labels and the specialised media have witnessed how the blog format allows them to reach a global public, interested and interesting, from the consumer viewpoint. Moreover, these journals have distinct forms: blogs appear with a professional format befitting digital journalism and others which are characterised by having a highly personalised, not particularly elaborated, discourse. These circumstances are the motivation behind this investigation, the aim of which is to study their content and establish the particular characteristics that define them. The theoretical contributions to this investigation are focused on the realisation of a review of the concept of fashion, based on the principle of it as a non-verbal communication system. However, it is also an updating of the parameters that define this phenomenon from its presence on the network. Thus the production, distribution and consumption, through online sales, of fashion products have transformed the relationship between the consumer and the labels. In this context, the blogs seem to have an important mediating role that the industries of the sector have captured immediately. From the communicative point of view, the blogs represent a challenge for the specialised digital communication media in the fashion sector since, just like them, they disclose contents as well as gestate brand image. Thus the blogs are shown as carriers of a series of popular and accessible values of tendencies, based on the proposals of firms of pronto moda, or fast fashion. These journals base their discourse on the identification of the author, who at the same time is a consumer of fashion, identifying with a user who also buys, which makes the message of the blog more accessible. In this sense, our investigation represents a theoretical approach to this sphere of specialised fashion communication, from the analysis of the contents of the blogs. In terms of methodology, the innovation of our work is focused on the adaptation of an analytical record of quantitative contents, used in other communication research, to this type of digital format. The aim of this analysis is to show the discursive tools that appear in the fashion blogs, which is distanced from journalism on many occasions to become more personal. The social relevance of our thesis, at the same time, derives from the fact that it is an innovative piece of work, from the point of view of the analysis of the contents, of the blogosphere of Spanish fashion. Studying this phenomenon has enabled us to show clearly the connections that exist between the fashion sector in Spain, dominated by the pronto moda or fast fashion firms, with the diffusion of their proposals on the blogs. For the Spanish industries, the blogs have become a key instrument in diffusion and marketing, innovative, fast and precise, which implies a lower promotional cost than any advertising campaign. For this reason, the bloggers are now VIP guests at events and public presentations. Their worth to the industries is on the increase and this has led to an unprecedented relationship in the sector that needs to be studied.
Date of Award25 Apr 2014
Original languageSpanish
SupervisorNúria Simelio Solà (Director)

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