L’ocupació del sòl en procés de transformació urbanística a Catalunya. Metodologia d’anàlisi, quantificació i factors explicatius

Student thesis: Doctoral thesis


The main goal of this thesis is to analyze the role of land occupation undergoing by urban transformation process in Catalonia. Based on information on urban planning, thesis author applies photointerpretation and Geographic Information Systems tools with the objective of build a georeferenced database of the degree of occupancy of this kind of spaces in urban transformation process. The developable land is in process to become urban land and its degree of occupation is notoriously different across Catalonia. Several factors explain why this land in transformation process will be occupied by slightly different intensities. Thesis author identifies two types of factors: according to a legal framework or according a geopolitical framework. On the one hand legal aspects, land legal status, type of planning and type of development are responsible to determine different occupation degrees. On the other hand, geography and political issues, urban form, railway accessibility, seacoast proximity and political alternation could be responsible to determine different occupation degrees. Furthermore, this thesis includes a methodological analysis description, a territorial, legal and regulatory framework of Catalonian land occupation in the last decades according to different planning exercises and urban occupancy discussions.
Date of Award22 Nov 2018
Original languageCatalan
SupervisorOriol Nel·lo Colom (Director) & Anna Badia Perpinya (Director)


  • GIS
  • Spatial planning
  • Urban land

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