Les relacions de gènere en l'Educació Física a l'escola primària. Anàlisi dels processos de reproducció, resistència i canvi a l'aula.

Student thesis: Doctoral thesis


Sexism and gender reproduction in Primary School Physical Education is often clearly visible. Nevertheless, considering the changes in the sport system and the "individualization of gender" in post-modern society, Physical Education can be, also, a place to change the traditional gender relations, as is developed in the first part of the thesis. Considering this complex situation, theoretical perspectives on gender reproduction, resistance and change are used to understand it. Then, the main question that guides the study is: How the reproduction, resistance and change process of gender relations are articulated in Physical Education in primary school?

The study consisted on a case study focused on eight PE teachers and their respective groups in 5th and 6th grade (boys and girls from ten to twelve years old), in twenty-four PE sessions in total (twelve focused on football or basket, twelve focused on dancing or body expression). Data collection methods included observations and films, which were analysed by a systematic content analysis.

The findings of the study were organized on boys and girls attitudes, the type of relations between pupils during the class, and the teacher role. The results show that it is necessary a complex theoretical approach which includes the reproduction, resistance and changing process. The daily interaction between all the actors can generate situations that support the traditional gender relations and, at the same time, situations that facilitates and encourages the change of these relations.

Finally, it is proposed a theoretical model to allow these different process and it is possible to consider how pupils interactions, their attitudes to the task, and the teacher discourse and action are mutually influenced.
Date of Award29 Feb 2008
Original languageCatalan
Supervisor Núria Puig i Barata (Director) & Maria Prat Grau (Director)

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