Lattices over polynomial rings and applications to function fields

Student thesis: Doctoral thesis


This thesis deals with lattices over polynomial rings and its applications to algebraic function fields. In the first part, we consider the notion of lattices (L,| |) over polynomial rings, where L is a finitely generated module over k[t], the polynomial ring over the field k in the indeterminate t, and | | is a real-valued length function on the tensor product of L and k(t) over k[t]. A reduced basis of (L,| |) is a basis of L whose vectors attain the successive minima of (L,| |). We develop an algorithm which transforms any basis of L into a reduced basis of (L,| |), for a given real-valued length function | |. Moreover, we generalize the Riemann-Roch theory for algebraic function fields to the context of lattices over k[t]. In the second part, we apply the previous results to algebraic function fields. For a divisor D of an algebraic function field F/k, we develop an algorithm for the computation of its Riemann-Roch space and the successive minima attached to the lattice (I ,| | ), where I is a fractional ideal (obtained from the ideal representation of D) of the finite maximal order O of F and | | is a certain length function on F. Let K be the full constant field of F/k. Then, we can express the genus g of F in terms of [K : k] and the indices of certain orders of the finite and infinite maximal orders of F. If k is a finite field, the Montes algorithm computes the latter indices as a by-product. This leads us to a fast computation of the genus of global function fields. Our algorithm does not require the computation of any basis, neither of the finite nor the infinite maximal order. Let A be the localization of k[1/t] at the prime ideal generated by 1/t. The concept of reduceness and the OM representations of prime ideals lead us in that context to a new method for the computation of k[t]-bases of fractional ideals of O and A-bases of fractional ideals of the infinite maximal order of F, respectively. In the last part, our algorithms are applied to a large number of relevant examples to illustrate its performance in comparison with the classical routines.
Date of Award1 Jul 2014
Original languageEnglish
SupervisorEnric Nart Vinals (Director)


  • Lattices over polynomial rings
  • Montes algorithm
  • Function fields

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