Las tecnologías digitales en la docencia universitaria. Barreras para su integración

    Student thesis: Doctoral thesis


    The research developed is focused on university teachers and the reasons why they do not regularly use digital technologies in the teaching-learning process. The identification of barriers to its integration is a key aspect to achieve a general integration of digital resources in university teaching. That is why identifying and establishing the correlation between them is the first step to eliminate them. Afterwards, applying the proper facilitators will be needed. The purpose of the research is twofold. First is to analyze the reasons for the lack of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) integration into university teaching. Second is to explain why it occurs, what factors justify the existence of barriers and which is the best way to address and lessen their impact. To achieve this purpose, two objectives are established: a) Elaborate an explanatory model of university teacher barriers to using ICT in teaching; and b) generate a proposal that facilitates ICT integration into university teacher performance and break down the barriers identified. The research is developed under an interpretative paradigm and we apply a sequential mixed methodology in a multiple case study. The multiple case study is composed of institutions with clearly different characteristics, with the purpose of avoiding as much as possible the influence of size, entitlement or location in the results. We analyze four Catalan universities: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, Universitat de Lleida, Universitat Internacional de Catalunya and Universitat de VIC. To collect this data, we apply a questionnaire, a semi structured interview and documentary analysis. The results show that there are specific barriers to technology integration, from a personal and professional domain (internal barriers) and institutional and contextual (external barriers). The analysis show significant correlation between some barriers and between some factors. In order to show graphically the relationship between barriers, we have created an explanatory model of barriers to digital technology integration. In conclusions we affirm that in university teaching there is still work to do for achieve integration of digital technologies because there are some barriers that are blocking this implementation. For the purpose of improving the situation, we propose an improvement plan for institutions. This plan includes a self-assessment questionnaire to diagnose the use of ICT and the existing obstacles in an organization, guidelines about how to implement this change; and a set of actions to develop in order to eliminate the barriers detected.
    Date of Award22 May 2018
    Original languageSpanish
    SupervisorJoaquin Gairin Sallan (Director) & David Rodriguez Gomez (Director)


    • Digital technologies
    • University teaching
    • Barriers

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