Las ciudades en la Web. Barcelona y Turín: el storytelling del turismo y del ocio

Student thesis: Doctoral thesis


This work is based on the need to understand and describe the operation of the media system within a contemporary urban scenario, where the traditional productive sectors have been progressively eclipsed and the recreational and cultural sectors have been growing in importance, thus becoming agents involved in the production of images and urban representations. The increasing relevance of the «intangible» world within the city-system expresses urban identity and projects its future scenarios, focused on the experiences that each city is able to offer its users, both permanent citizens and visitors. In recent years, in particular, the cities of Barcelona and Turin have altered their urban promotion policies by addressing them to the demand of the cultural, tourism and recreational sectors. For both cities, these sectors have become privileged observatories for monitoring the processes in the constitution of new city models and new representations. In the context of this media landscape, which is characterized by the widespread circulation and diffusion of new technology available to citizens and tourists, this work specifically investigates the operation of some web platforms dedicated to the promotion of tourism and the cultural agendas of Barcelona and Turin. The hypothesis is that through the description of the resources that cities provide and also post on their digital channels, it is possible to identify the key values that in both cases generate the «brand» discourse.
Date of Award28 Apr 2014
Original languageSpanish
SupervisorM. Rosario Lacalle Zalduendo (Director) & M. Leone (Director)

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