L’antiguitat clàssica en les TIC: videojocs i gamificació

Student thesis: Doctoral thesis


This thesis addresses a new field of studies: the Historical Game Studies, or the study of historical-themed videogames, whose nature is the analysis of video games in its broadest sense, and the relationships established between the game and the player. The starting point is Game Studies, which establishes video games as a cultural object. In this sense, the work is framed as a specific field within ICT (Information Technology and Communication). Under these premises, we will analyze a series of video games, located in the period of Ancient Rome, taking as a selection criterion its commercial impact, in order to verify what vision they give from the past. We understand video games, then, as an element of contemporary culture and of the vision that from the present is of the past. We will also examine the opinions, for or against, about video games, and the possibilities (didactic, technological, recreational ...) that these offer to historical disciplines, analyzing those aspects that are more relevant and proposing the best way to approach them types of games from the academic sphere. In this last aspect, we propose a new theoretical and methodological framework that will help to study the Historical Game Studies.
Date of Award22 Oct 2018
Original languageCatalan
SupervisorJordi Cortadella Morral (Director)


  • Videogames
  • Gamfication
  • Ancient rome

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