La movilidad residencial en la Región Metropolitana de Barcelona: delimitación y análisis de los espacios migratorios

Student thesis: Doctoral thesis


The present thesis has two main targets. On the one hand, the description of socioresidential patterns of settlement in the Metropolitan Region of Barcelona (RMB onwards) and, on the other hand, the study of residential mobility flows in order to set migrant spaces within metropolitan area. The source of the first goal is the Census of Population and Housing 2001 and the scale of analysis is at local level, except for the city of Barcelona which is studied at district level instead of the whole city. By statistical processing and cluster analysis, this part of the study sets 9 categories or socio-residential clusters.As the first aim, the analysis of residential mobility flows is worked at local level except the City of Barcelona that is at district level. The source for this analysis is the official statistics of Estadistica de Variaciones Residenciales for the local level and Registro de Altas y Bajas del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona for the district level. The residential flows are studied from three different points of view: place of origin, place destination and interaction coefficient between two places. The combination of these three perspectives allows to set migrant spaces. Once bounded and identified different areas according to preceding criteria, these areas are analysed by social diversity and residential features. Eventually, the thesis includes a chapter about motivations o reasons to move out according to the 9 residential clusters and data from Enquesta de Condicions de Vida i Hàbits de la Població de 2006.
Date of Award30 Jun 2015
Original languageSpanish
SupervisorJuan Antonio Modenes Cabrerizo (Director) & Marc Ajenjo Cosp (Director)


  • Mobility
  • Barcelona
  • Cluster

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