La Música a Mallorca en el segle XVII : fonts musicals de la Catedral: estudi i edició crítica

Student thesis: Doctoral thesis


The aim of this thesis is the study of the music in Mallorca during the seventeenth century. The main focus is the recovery and study of musical sources preserved in the Cathedral of Mallorca. However, I also want to put into context the musical sources in in relation to the cultural scene in Mallorca in the 17th century. The study of the formation of the different chapels of music, mainly from the cathedral, its activities and participation in various civil and religious celebrations, intended to give an overview of the role of music in the cultural and humanistic life in Mallorca. The detailed analysis of the global repertoire in use, both in the compositions in Latin, as in the vernacular language, wants to be revealing of the interests and musical needs that were held during those years and how these could be decisive for the formation of the musical corpus of the cathedral. The corpus of the musical compositions studied and published consists of seventeen musical compositions in Spanish, divided into eight villancicos, six tonos and three compositions for minstrels. All of them are works of Spanish musicians of the 17th century. The main contributions that this thesis offers is the recovery of a remarkable number of works which are unique in the corpus of the Spanish Baroque music. Among them there are works of Juan Barter, Josep Gaz, Antonio Teodoro Ortells and Tomas Micieces I. All compositions were unknown, therefore, this study also serves to enrich the catalog of works by each of these composers. I want to highlight the collection of six tonos (E-PAc, sig. FA 1964) composed by Juan del Vado and Juan Hidalgo, musicians of the court of Madrid, which hitherto remained in obscurity in the midst of pages of a accounting book of the cathedral. Another set of works, that have been released in the present work, is a small collection of music for the minstrels, noted in a loose fold conserved within the volume, which contains the second book of Masses of Palestrina (Rome, 1572). It includes a total of six compositions, of which only three are conserved in all their parts. The edition and study of music for this ensemble is a contribution to the repertoire of music composed exclusively for the minstrels, of which very few sources remain in Spain. This thesis also makes notorious contributions to the knowledge of music in Mallorca and contributes to a better understanding of the history of Hispanic music, in the Mediterranean context. Further than the patrimonial recovery associated to this work, I also wished to put light on the compositional process works, its genesis and reception throughout history, offering a critical edition with a double reading: on the one hand, it wants to be a contribution scientifically rigorous to the knowledge of the Spanish musical heritage and, on the other hand, to facilitate the access to the practical musician to contribute to the spreading of this repertoire.
Date of Award26 Oct 2012
Original languageCatalan
SupervisorFrancesc Bonastre Bertran (Tutor) & Ezquerro Esteban, Antonio (Director)

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