La inclusión de las mujeres en la enseñanza de la historia y las ciencias sociales. Estudio colectivo de casos en las aulas chilenas sobre posibilidades y limitaciones

Student thesis: Doctoral thesis


With the objective of adopting the teaching-learning approaches necessary for the inclusion of the gender perspective in specific contexts of teacher training, this research analyzes the normative-curricular discourse and the social representations of future and future teachers of Education Primary on the teaching of history and, in particular, on women and the inclusion of a gender perspective in the school history. From the methodological principles of action research, evaluative research and critical theory for an education in and for gender equality, this Doctoral Thesis aims to integrate, in the same object of study, research and practice, with the purpose of reflecting critically on our own teaching practice and improving it. Assuming gender as a category of essential analysis in the school history, critical literacy resources are applied in the reconfiguration of our own teaching program for teacher training, and in the design of alternative proposals made by students teachers, from the treatment of social problems or controversial issues. The results obtained report the widespread acceptance of the use of resources of critical literacy in the professional development of the teacher, in the promotion of future reflective practices, in the formation of a critical teacher and, above all, in the inclusion of the perspective of gender in the social studies. The design of teacher training programs, aimed at educating in and for equality, should prioritize the analysis and evaluation of the relationships between research and didactic innovation, in order to produce clear impacts in practice. Working with students' representations, and investigating and deepening their origins, allows the teacher of Didactics of History and Social Estudies to promote change, rethink the programs and argue, in an informed way, the decisions about the strategies applied. In this sense, the use of the methodological principles of action-research favors the knowledge of the rationality that articulates the teaching practice itself, and the valuation of the changes and the continuities produced in the thinking of the future teachers.
Date of Award3 Nov 2016
Original languageUndefined/Unknown
SupervisorJoan Pagès Blanch (Director) & Edda Sant Obiols (Director)


  • Social studies education
  • Gender equality
  • Primary teacher training

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