La formación inicial dels mestres d'educació primària de la UAB en didàctica de les ciències socials: un estudi de cas

Student thesis: Doctoral thesis


The research can be included in the field of initial education of teachers in Social Studies. It analyses a specific context: the subject of Socials Sciences Didactics from Faculty of Education Sciences from UAB. This subject wants to train reflective, critical and autonomous professionals. It understands the education as a dynamic process. In this system the eleven becomes the protagonist of his education and non a passive receiver of professional knowledge.
The formulation of the subject demands a continuous and a close relation between theory from university and the practice at the school and a coordinate work between the teachers of university and the teachers of schools along of the course. The practicum's part of the subject consists in the application and contextualation of the studied contents from Socials Sciences Didactics to the preparation, experimentation, analysis and evaluation of lesson sequences of Social and Cultural Knowledge Environment at the Primary School. In the process of preparation participates the subject of Evaluative and Educative Psychology, also.
The principal objectives of the research are three:
1. Analyse and value the previous experience of the students of initial formation of teacher. The majority of them have been educated in the Positivistic model and I want to know if they show dispositions to change to critical model.
2. Analyse and study the relation between the theory worked at the university and the educative practice at the school.
3. Analyse and value the role of the teachers of the schools in the preparation and evaluation the educative practical of future teachers.
I choose a qualitative and interpretative methodology for my research. The persons, the teachers of schools, the students of university and me, as a teacher of Social Sciences Didactics, are the most important sources for the information's collection.
The results of the research are successful. The majority of students, who have participated in the research, have been very motivated and prepared to learn the new knowledge and the news methodologies to teach Socials Sciences at Primary schools. In their practices at the schools they have applicated and contextualizated a lot of the contents what they have learnt at the university.
I think there are some reasons what can explain the good results of my research: the protagonist role of the futures teachers in their formation; the constant and close articulation existing between the theory and the practice along of the course; the existence of the same discourse between the teachers of the schools and the teachers of university; and the event of the practice has been always accompanied of reflexive and analytic work at the school and at the university.
The most important conclusions of this research show the need to find a good relation between the theory and the practice and the important role of the working teachers in the initial formation of futures teachers.
Date of Award10 Jun 2005
Original languageCatalan
SupervisorJoan Pagès Blanch (Director)

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