La formació permanent del professorat d'Educació Fisica de primària i l'educació en valors. Un estudi de casos.

Student thesis: Doctoral thesis


The thesis studies the characteristics of the permanent training of the Physical Education teaching staff in primary schools (6-12 years) with respect to the education in values.
The thesis is structured in six chapters framed by the introduction and the bibliography.

The three first chapters bring the theoretical foundation that conceptualizes the field of study. They establish the referential basis for the posterior categorization inferential-inductive that sustains the frame of interpretation of the obtained datum. Each chapter organizes the contributions about three key concepts: the permanent training of the teaching staff, the education in values and the Physical Education.

The fourth chapter describes the methodological design. It's a study of cases about a course of permanent training in education in values for the Physical Education teaching staff in primary schools -sessions of two hours every 15 days during two years. The voices of all participants have been contemplated: 14 teachers of Physical Education of the primary school, university teacher and the researcher-. To pick up information they have been the strategies: the direct and participative observation of the seminars of formation through a record of voice, semistructured interviews to key informants chosen by criteria of profitability, and the analysis of documents generated by the teachers, university teacher and the researcher.
The fifth chapter corresponds to the analysis and interpretation of the datum. They constitute the interpretative report that has been written up following the categorization that has already looked former in the chapter. It's an epistemological ordering of all the process of planning and implementation of the formation experience.

To finalize, the sixth chapter picks up the conclusions and the proposals of the research. The conclusions are presented as a discussion between the theoretical referents and the point of view of the participants. On the other hand, the proposals for future differ between those that can orientate the formation, and those that orientate the intervention.
Date of Award28 Jun 2007
Original languageCatalan
Awarding Institution
  • Universitat de Barcelona (UB)
Supervisor Francesc Imbernon Muñoz (Director) & Maria Prat Grau (Director)

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