La evaluación sumativa en la didáctica de la traducción. Un estudio empírico en la enseñanza de la traducción español-italiano

Student thesis: Doctoral thesis


The aim of the thesis is to propose procedures for summative assessment in the teaching of Spanish-Italian translation. To achieve this aim, our research is intended (1) to establish the conceptual framework of assessment in translation teaching; (2) to investigate how summative assessment is applied in the training of Spanish / Italian translators; (3) to design summative assessment procedures (tools and tasks) that allow translation teachers to collect multidimensional information from students; (4) to conduct an empirical study to test the effectiveness of these procedures. To achieve these objectives, the thesis is divided into two parts. The first part focuses on the theoretical framework of this research and studies the assessment tools and tasks which are used in Spanish/Italian translation teaching. On the one hand, we explore the notion of assessment in Pedagogy and Translation Studies and the main concepts related to assessment in translation, such as quality, strategy, problem and error. On the other hand, we describe the study we conducted with teachers of Italian / Spanish translation in training centres for translators in Italy and Spain, which was carried out in order to build up a picture of the current situation of assessment in this linguistic combination. In the second part, we present a proposal of multidimensional summative assessment procedures for the teaching of Spanish-Italian translation. We describe the elaboration process and the characteristics of the teaching unit, which is the main tool of the empirical study of this thesis, detailing its structure, objectives, content, tools and assessment tasks. We also describe the empirical study that has been carried out to test the effectiveness of these procedures. Finally, we collect and analyse data from empirical study. The results underscore the effectiveness of our proposal of assessment procedures, since they provided results with little variation between the three evaluators involved in the study. Our proposal is also highly valued by students and evaluators. The results also emphasise that, although when comparing the data obtained from the multidimensional assessment with the test translation of a text (traditional test) we did not find any significant differences, the multidimensional proposal allows us to assess many more students’ skills.
Date of Award21 Nov 2016
Original languageSpanish
SupervisorAmparo Hurtado Albir (Director) & Raffaella Tonin (Director)


  • Assessment
  • Spanish-italian translation teaching
  • Exploratory study

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