Interpretación de fuentes históricas y desarrollo de la literacidad crítica en estudiantes chilenos de educación secundaria

Student thesis: Doctoral thesis


This qualitative research had as main objective to inquire, how a group of Chilean high school students, manage the sources of historical information when they learn to read, analyze and interpret the sources. Also, to explore factors that could favor or hinder the development of a critical attitude, from the students, towards the information coming from a variety of sources The information obtained through a questionnaire, classroom observation, group interviews with students, and interviews to the teachers, allowed us to elaborate 3 types of students, in relation to their level of critical literacy when they work with historical sources: those who "read the lines", those who "read between the lines" and those who "read beyond the lines". Aspects such as: their ability to differentiate fact from opinions, identify intentionality and ideologies in the sources and elaboration of discourses or alternative proposals were evaluated. It was concluded that using a variety of historical sources in different formats, using online sources in real time and comparing them, favors the development of students' critical literacy. Methodological strategies such as debates and discussions about controversial themes or characters of history using different sources, work in research groups with information sources assigned by the professor and plenary to present their results and guide a process of elaboration of audiovisual or digital products about characters or historical episodes, could contribute to the same objective.
Date of Award20 Sept 2018
Original languageSpanish
SupervisorAntonio Manuel Santisteban, A. (Director)


  • Literacitat critica
  • Fonts històriques
  • Pensament històric

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