Integration(s) and Resistance. Governments, Capital, Social Organisations and Movements, and the Arrival of 'Foreign Immigrants' in Barcelona and Lisbon.

Student thesis: Doctoral thesis


In a context characterised by the shift from fordism to post-fordism in the Iberian
peninsula, this thesis addresses the following question how are capital, governments
and social movements organised in the processes of integration and resistance that
affect foreign immigration' in Barcelona and Lisbon?
Thus, in the first chapter, an analysis of the concept of "integration" is undertaken in
order to understand the complexities and elusiveness that hide behind it, giving special
attention to immigrants' integration literature. A distinction between systemic
integration and social integration is adopted, and thus in the second chapter recent
theorisation on capital and the state (i. e. systemic institutions) is approached, while in
the third chapter social movements and organisations are taken into account. In
chapter four epistemological and methodological elements are noted. The last three
chapters are devoted to analyse original fieldwork data (mainly qualitative interviews):
chapter 6 analyses immigration governmental policies at European, 'national-state',
'national-regional', and local levels; chapter 7 studies social and capital organisations
in Barcelona in relation to 'foreign immigration'; and in chapter 8 social and capital
organisations are studied in relation to 'foreign immigration' in Lisbon. Finally, some
conclusions are revealed whilst other questions are posed.
Date of Award1999
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • University of Warwick
SupervisorZig Layton-Henry (Director) & Steven Vertovec (Director)

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