Inquisitorial Bureaucracy by Pere Miquel Carbonell

Student thesis: Doctoral thesis


The Inquisition in Iberian domain has always been an attractive theme for many historians while many theories have emerged on the topic, from old and extreme to modern and liberal. However, the Catalan Inquisition was the theme abandoned for many years, hence with an aim to reveal this neglected scientific field this thesis is based on Pere Miquel Carbonell’s manuscript Liber descriptionis reconsiliationisque, purgationis et condemmnationis hereticorum ALIAS de Gestis Hereticorum which is kept in The General Archive of The Crown of Aragon and contain records about the Catalan Inquisition from 1487 until 1507, a period declared as a time remembered by serious fight against Crypto-Judaism. The dissertation applyed modern techniques of historical analyses, textual criticism and commentary of the Pere Miquel Carbonell’s manuscript Liber descriptionis which was the starting point of this investigation. It took into consideration such information as the bureaucratic structure of the personel of the Tribunal, their reputations and privilages which these positions provided, and also the register of functions. Additionally, it focused on the legal procedures in practice such as inquisitorial processes, trials as well as its outcomes and penalties within described period. Additionally, it adopted a modern research metodology focusing on aspects of the period in question such as the legal and financial regulations. The contribution of this research is creating of the precise inquisitorial bureaucratic structure within its church officials and thier specific roles in legal inquistorial processes in a time rememberd as the first phase of the tribunal`s activity: the period of intense anti-converso persecution in Catalonia.
Date of Award13 Sept 2017
Original languageUndefined/Unknown
SupervisorCandida Ferrero Hernandez (Director)


  • Catalan inquyisition
  • Pere Miquel Carbonell
  • Inquisitorial bureaucracy

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