Impacte sobre la implementació d'una guia per al tractament de la dislipèmia en prevenció secundària de la malaltia cardiovascular sobre el control del colesterol en cardiopatia isquèmica.

Student thesis: Doctoral thesis


Cardiovascular disease (CD) and, especially, ischemic heart disease (IHD) are the main causes of death throughout the world. Mortality reduction for CD is related to more than 50% with the modification of cardiovascular risk factors, including dyslipidemia (DLP). Statins are not usually prescribed in the most appropriate way and the control of the LDL cholesterol is achieved in less than 50% of patients with CI. In order to improve the management of these diseases, it is necessary to develop, disseminate and implement clinical practice guidelines (CPG). Objective: To evaluate the impact of the implementation of a CPG for the treatment of DLP in secondary prevention of the CD on the control of the LDL cholesterol in patients with IHD, through training sessions and on-site feedback, and an online course. Methodology: Quasi-experimental uncontrolled before and after study, in 1.151 patients with IHD from the Catalan Institute of Health in the Terres de l'Ebre Territorial Management. The intervention consisted in the realization of two clinical sessions, one formative and the other one of feedback, and an online course of selfreview of patients for the doctors of Primary Attention for the implementation of the CPG, realized between 2020 and 2011. The main variable is the percentage of patients who achieved good control of LDL cholesterol (
Date of Award2 Jul 2019
Original languageCatalan
SupervisorIgnacio Jose Ferreira Gonzalez (Tutor), Carlos López Pablo (Director), Alessandra Queiroga Gonçalves (Director) & Carina Aguilar Martín (Director)

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