Esfera Pública e Escandalo. O secreto no ambito público

Student thesis: Doctoral thesis


The thesis on the Public Sphere and Scandal seeks to analyse the assumptions of the information industry at its intersection with the political sphere, because only in this way it will be possible to inquire the aspects of the broadcast communication that convert the scandal on a newsworthy event. The issue here is a critical questioning about the genesis of the present-day public sphere in order to understand the condition of possibility of political scandal in the scenarios of everyday life. From our perspective, the study of the scandal enables a more accurate understanding about relationships that are established between political culture and media organizations. This way, we intend to render the subject of study problematic in the light of the transformations that formed the contemporary public space. It is about outlining a disruptive process by observing the complex intersections which are erect in the societal space, particularly as far as the articulation of the media and policy fields are concerned. The study of the scandal raises questions concerning the role of the media in setting the public debate, issues that pertain to the objective claims of journalistic language, the logotechnics dimension of information or, even, the invasion of public life by the expansion of the private. We seek to establish an analysis framework interpreting the scandal as political-media art considering the constructivist strategies of the political system and the communicational devices of symbolic mediation. The empirical illustration is intended to highlight the expressive value of the scandal and the aesthetic component that it reveals.
Date of Award1 Oct 2012
Original languagePortuguese
Awarding Institution
  • Universidade da Beira Interior
SupervisorMarcial Murciano Martinez (Director)

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