El turismo industrial como elemento de revalorización del Territorio: Un análisis desde las relaciones sociales presentes en los destinos. Análisis de casos en Cataluña, Escocia y Alsacia

Student thesis: Doctoral thesis


Now, in the global world, with a massive use of the new computer technologies and of the telecommunications, the tourists are increasingly experienced and demanding to consume cultural products, with a customization in the offer. In this new context, the industrial tourism is a tourist activity-cultural emergent, that serves so that a lot of destinations, possessors of a significant industrial heritage, can adapt it and reconvert it in a tourist attraction that help to the development of the territory or that serve as I complement to another type of tourism already existent, more consolidated and majority. However, it is a minoritary tourism, to whose around are created some social networks of tourists and of agents, whose relations generate a relational dynamics and a social capital, that help to the development of this tourism. Thus, in this Thesis, from a methodology based in the qualitative analysis by means of surveys, with interviews and questionnaires, with the support of quantitative statistical data, analyses and measures the relational dynamics and the social capital generated by the relations established in these two big groups of social networks, in four destinations whose industrial tourism presents a different degree of development, two in Catalonia, another in Alsace and the other in Scotland; with the aim to confirm, from several previously established hypotheses, if a greater relational dynamics of these social networks corresponds with a greater degree of development of this tourism. To realise this analysis, after justifying the destinations chosen and present the existent theoretical frame on the industrial tourism and on the social networks applied to the tourism, have used diverse tools -statistical analyses, analysis of social networks, analysis of the contents of the social relations, analysis of the social capital-, checking the initial hypotheses and showing that exists a direct relation between the social capital generated by the social networks of the actors of the industrial tourism, the degree of development of this tourism and the relational dynamics of these networks. However, in this work also has confirmed that it is a tourism with some weaknesses, especially his little economic sustainability, by which, in this Thesis, after presenting the conclusions on the analysis realised and the fulfilment of the aims and hypothesis, propose a series of measures that can help to solve this problem.
Date of Award5 Jul 2013
Original languageSpanish
SupervisorGemma Canoves Valiente (Director)

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