El Proceso creativo publicitario: la importancia de las apropiaciones artísticas en la práctica de la dirección de arte en Brasil y España

Student thesis: Doctoral thesis


Considering the close relationship between art and advertising, with its asymmetries and exchanges of codes and languages, this research seeks to demonstrate the significance of artistic appropriations in advertising art direction. It is also intended to highlight the professional value in the use of appropriate artistic images as creative and compositional references of art directors comparing the professional activity of creatives in Brazil and Spain. The understanding of the object of study will be through in-depth interviews conducted with the most awarded art directors of both countries. One of the main research results shows that many of the creative interviewees are in favor of using artistic images in advertisements and that they use the method of appropriation in the execution of their works, considering that this practice enriches their creativity, also reflected in the plasticity of their ads.
Date of Award26 Jul 2017
Original languageSpanish
Supervisor Josep Rom-Rodríguez (Director) & Ana Isabel Entenza Rodríguez (Director)


  • Art direction
  • Appropiations
  • Adverising

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