Didáctica de LA RURALIDAD: análisis de las representaciones del profesorado y propuesta para una enseñanza aprendizaje del compromiso con la ruralidad, aplicada en la región del Maule (Chile)

Student thesis: Doctoral thesis


In our research we start from the recognition of a current social problem in the Maule Region, which is the migration of young people, problem that is connected to the geographic education and that is why we look for evidence to confirm the assumptions of this thesis, which are based on the negative thought teachers have regarding rurality. This research is also proactive as it tries to state a solution to this problem through the generation and proposal of a formative (or training) model for practicing teachers, that has been called, network of teachers committed to rurality. This model bases its didactic action in the operation through a network, supported by the theoretical and practical contributions of the case method and the Learning Service approach. This research is qualitative and used the following analytical instruments; questionnaire, in-depth interviews, focus group and analysis of existing school text books valid for 2013. Such instruments were applied to a sample of teachers in the region. Finally, we can add that the results that were obtained in this thesis confirm the negative bias of rurality present in teachers from the Maule Region.
Date of Award28 Nov 2014
Original languageSpanish
SupervisorPilar Comes Solé (Director)

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