Catalan phonology and the phonological cycle

Student thesis: Doctoral thesis


The analysis of the phonological structure of Catalan leads to a
reexamination of the Phonological cycle, and a more general and precise
formulation, which centers on the notion "proper cyclic application1' is
proposed. Cyclic rules are allowed to apply only if their structural , description makes use of specific inforeation introduced by virtue of
its cycle. This formulation is shown to cover correctly the earlier
versions of the Strict Cycle Condition and the Alternation Condition
(Chomsky (1973), Kean (1974), Kiparsky (1974)) , as well as other
phenomena of Catalan. A characterization of cyclic rules as obligatory
neutralization rules is proposed also.. These results are presented in
the Introduction. Chapter 1 deals with stress rules and other stressreaated phenomena. The interaction between stress rules,modifying
underlying stress patterns and other rules is shown to be cyclic in
the sense proposed. Further support for the Phonological Cycle is
drawn from the analysis of consonantal phenomena that are.discussed in
Chapter 2. Ih Chapter 3 the analysis of the accentual system presented
'in Chapter 1 is carried over the verbal system and some consequences
are d~scussed
Date of Award31 May 1976
Original languageEnglish
Awarding Institution
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
SupervisorMorris Halle (Director)

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