Caracterización del contenido matemático subyacente al libro de texto en medida

Student thesis: Doctoral thesis


In this doctoral thesis we present a study of the measurement teaching proposal presented in the Primary School mathematics textbooks (6-12 years) of one of the most widely used publishing houses in Spain. We carry out a qualitative analysis of the measurement activities that structure the didactic proposal of the book. The analysis is based on a hierarchy of mathematical tasks based on the theoretical contribution of Gairín, Muñoz and Oller (2012) that allows us to characterize the contents of measurement that are worked. Likewise, the frequencies with which certain types of activities appear are quantified, showing the existence of an unequal incidence of the measurement contents dealt with in the textbook, which tends to present the measure in an arithmetical form. Therefore, the conceptual and procedural aspects of the measurement content are a second term in the textbook learning proposal. The study proposes a method for the analysis of extrapolable textbooks to analyze the proposals of other publishers or classroom materials.
Date of Award16 Nov 2017
Original languageSpanish
SupervisorMaria Nuria Gorgorio Sola (Director) & Lluis Albarracin Gordo (Director)

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