Aproximación y caracterización de la tecnología de fabricación de los recipientes cerámicos en las minas prehistóricas de Gavà.

Student thesis: Doctoral thesis


The aim focus in the study of the manufacturing techniques of pottery vessels recovered in Minas Prehistóricas de Gavà in the Middle Neolithic, proposing the development of a work in which included the concept of Chaîne Opérative and, obviously, its implication in technological studies. It has allowed us fix a new analytical methodology of work to applied in archaeological pottery that allows us to give validation to a new hypothesis from new data, that will bring us closer to the knowledge of pottery productions from a new technological and social perspective.
Date of Award19 Jul 2019
Original languageSpanish
SupervisorMiguel Molist Montaña (Tutor), Ana Maria Bach Gómez (Director) & Josep Bosch (Director)


  • Cadena operativa; Chaîne opératoire; Recipients ceràmics; Recipientes cerámicos; Pottery vessels; Neolític; Neolítico; Neolithic

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