Adrià Gual i el teatre líric català

Student thesis: Dissertation (TFM)


The musical visions were a format of Catalan lyric theatre implemented at the Graner Spectacles-Auditions from the season 1905/06 on and based on Adrià Gual’s theory of popular theatre, adapted by the direction of Lluís Graner. This study pretends to catalogue the musical visions of this first season and document its reception. Throughout the analysis of these pieces, the scenic, musical and literary characteristics of the musical visions will be defined and they will be compared with Adrià Gual’s theory to verify how they match. This way, the first deduction of a correspondence between them will be checked with an inductive method. Finally, the transcendence of Adrià Gual in the Catalan lyric theatre movement will be evaluated and the role of the musical visions to conform a genre of Catalan lyric theatre will be determined.
As a result, this study will reformulate the history of Catalan lyric theatre, that previously hadn’t included Adrià Gual and centralized its narrative exclusively on Enric Morera. Gual’s theory would have been an ideologically opposed model that would have found corporative support at the Graner Spectacles-Auditions, where his initial theory would have been adapted to the format of the musical visions. These are characterized by dramatization of folk songs, legends and tales, brough to the stage in short and colorful scenes. The light and sound effects and the music would create spectacular atmospheres attractive to the public that would be, at the same time, a symbolization of popular culture throughout the materialization on stage of the collective imaginary.
Date of Award2021
Original languageCatalan
Awarding Institution
  • Institut del Teatre
  • Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF)
SupervisorFrancesc Cortes Mir (Tutor)

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