A família homoparental na ficçao televisiva: As práticas narrativas do Brasil e da Espanha como relatos das novas representaçoes afetivo-amorosas

    Student thesis: Doctoral thesis


    This doctoral research analyzes the treatment of fictional homoparental families televised in Brazil and Spain television, considering the emotional implications and parent-child treatment of the new family. Initially, we study the interdisciplinary between family, society, and fictional television productions that consolidate the contemporary context of social changes highlighted by ties of family, consisting of the same sex couples. The qualitative-comparative research made a chronological cut of the Spanish series Hospital Central in the days when Spain approved gay marriage in 2005. The same thing was done with a fiction production in Brazil, of the telenovela Páginas da Vida. The methodological approach used is the analysis of the attributes of two fictional gay couples in both countries, utilizing a textual content - a selection of sequences of interest, and phenomenon intrinsic to a relationship that interested to the research, chosen after an empirical observation. In total, 228 sequences were selected from both works, with a pre-selection of 197 chapters and 9,685 minutes assisted. The study also used methodological and technical support, group's gay questionnaires of the two countries, and interviews with fictional authors in order to obtain more data on consumption and production. The results confirm the potential television has as a tool that unites the affective-loving new representations of couples, and the tendency of the audiovisual works to avoid the stereotype, breaking the heteronormative contract. It was further noted the socio-legal narrative practice of emancipation of the Spanish series and in-depth treatment of the couple differed from the characters of the Brazilian novel, with the same screen presence however had restricted affective-loving approach and discussion of homo relationships. Finally, the study provides a proposal for standardization of content for homoparental family on Brazilian television, and elements for a new line of academic research: the homoparental family in television fiction.
    Date of Award20 Jul 2012
    Original languageEnglish
    SupervisorMaria del Carme Ferre Pavia (Director)

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