Works in favor of extraction: Labor in land-use competition

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© 2018 by the authors. Despite their negative social and environmental consequences, claims to land for resource extraction are dominantly asserted under conditions of land-use competition. The 'success' of the extractive expansion relies on very specific labor arrangements. Through dispossession and unfulfilled promises of long-term employment, an overabundance of labor (or employment gap) is generated at extractive sites. Poverty is exploited in order to sustain business as usual: environmental degradation, low average wages and high wage inequality, and abysmal working conditions. In resolving global land-use competition for sustainability transformations, it is necessary to address labor arrangements as a mechanism through which the claim to land for resource extraction is asserted.
Original languageEnglish
Article number1961
Issue number6
Publication statusPublished - 11 Jun 2018


  • Abundance of labor
  • Appropriation
  • Claims to land
  • Dispossession
  • Employment
  • Resources


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