Upper cretaceous biostratigraphy of the south-central pyrenees (Lleida, Spain)

Esmeralda Caus, Antonio Gómez-Garrido

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Biostratigraphical data using larger foraminifera and planktonic foraminifera permitted us to establish the correlation between shallow platform sediments rich in larger foraminifera(Montsec and Serres Marginals thrust sheets) and deeper ones containing planktonic foraminifera (Boixols thrust sheet). Consequently, the Santa Fe limestones containing Ovalveolina-Praealveolinaassemblage represent the Cenomanian. Early Turonian(‘IT archaeocretacea and P. helvetica zones) exist in both, Montsec and Boixols thrust sheets and it is constituted by Pithonella limestones. Late Turonian(M. schneegansi zone) is only present in Boixols thrust sheet(Reguard Fm.), the Montsec thrust sheet having an erosive hiatus. Late Coniacian-Early Santonian(D. Concavata zone) is represented in the Montsec thrust sheet(Cova Limestones) and in the eastern part of the Boixols thrust sheet (St. Corneli Fm.) by two differents facies giving two different microfaunal assemblages; the firts one, characterized by Ophtalmidiidae s.l indicate a restricted lagoonal environment while the second one, characterized by diverses species of complex agglutinated, Fabulariidae, Meandropsinidae and Rotaliidae, represents an open shallow platform. In the Boixols thrust sheet(Anseroles Fm.) dominate the planktonic foraminifera and small benthic. In the late Santonian(D. asyrnetrica zone) the sea reached as far as Serres Marginales thrust sheet where sediments (Tragó de Noguera unit) are terrigenous and deposited in a very shallow platform. In the Montsec thrust sheet(Montsec marls) the larger foraminifera indicate a platform deeper than that of the Serres Marginals thrust sheet. In the Boixols thrust sheet the sediments are deposited in an outer platform(Herbasavina Fm.) or turbiditic basin(Mascarell Mb.). During Campanian times the transgresion reaches the maximum. In the Serres Marginals sediments are deposited in a restricted shallow environment rich in Meandropsinidae(Serres Limestones). In the Montsec thrust sheet they are deposited in a platform with patch reefs and shoals(Terradets limestones) and in the Boixols one in an outer platform, talus and/or basin. During Early Maastrichtian times(C. falsostuarti zone) terrigenous materials arrived in the basin, the rate of sedimentation increased outstripping the subsidence rate and the retreat of the sea to the north. Late Maastrichtian(C. gansseri zone) is only present in the Boixols thrust sheet. © 1989 Masson, Paris.
Original languageEnglish
Pages (from-to)221-228
JournalGeodinamica Acta
Issue number3
Publication statusPublished - 1 Jan 1989


  • Biostratigraphy
  • Foraminifera
  • Pyrenees
  • Upper cretaceous


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