Type-I bursts within outbursts of IGR J17473-2721

Y. P. Chen, S. Zhang, D. F. Torres, J. M. Wang, T. P. Li

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Aims: Two outbursts were observed by RXTE in the history of the atoll source IGR J17473-2721. During the most recent outburst in 2008, the source showed a complete series of spectral states/transitions. The neutron star system was prolific in type-I X-ray bursts, and we investigate them in the context of complete outbursts evolution. Methods: A total exposure of ∼309 ks was collected by RXTE during the two outbursts of IGR J17473-2721. We carried out a systematic search for type-I bursts in this data set. For each burst found, we investigated the burst profile, the peak flux, and their dependence on the accretion rate along the evolution of the outbursts. Results: Eighteen type-I X-ray bursts were found from IGR J17473-2721: two from the outburst in 2005 and the other 16 from the recent outburst in 2008. Among them, 3 bursts show photospheric radius expansion (PRE). The distance to the source is estimated as 6.4 kpc with a 15% uncertainty based on the three bursts that show PRE. In the recent outburst, there are 6 bursts showing up in the low/hard state prior to the state transition to a high/soft state, 3 bursts at the end phase of the high/soft state, and 7 in the following low/hard state. The blackbody radius of these bursts presents a variety of interesting features. We find that, at the end of the recent outburst, the profile of the blackbody radius is anti-correlated with the blackbody temperature and the burst flux. The durations of the type-I burst are found to correlate with the Eddington ratio and to have two parallel evolution groups. Along the decreasing Eddington ratio, the burst duration decreases and ends in each group the PRE bursts occurred. This provides new clues to the type-I bursts in the context of outbursts for atoll XRBs. © 2010 ESO.
Original languageEnglish
Article numberA81
JournalAstronomy and Astrophysics
Issue number1
Publication statusPublished - 1 Dec 2010


  • Individual: IGR J17473-2721
  • Star: neutron
  • X-rays: bursts


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