E. Luque*, J. Sorribes

*Corresponding author for this work

    Research output: Contribution to journalArticleResearchpeer-review


    In order to assist the development and debugging of microprograms, for microprogrammed-systems based on the AMD-2910 sequencer, the author has designed a micro-processor-based tool for microprograms development. The H/W of the system includes the following devices: 1-A microcomputer(AIM-65), with 12Kb a CRT and a printer: 2-The AMD-2910 sequencer, the control memory, the conditions' circuit and the microinstruction register; 3-A 3 modes micro-computer-programmable system-clock. Using a simple 'mapping' mechanism, the control memory only covers 4K memory addresses of the microcomputer memory map and its word length can be adjusted to the user necessities. The 'Monitor' program which controls this H/W has the following functions: 1-Load and display microprograms; 2-Microprograms' execution, either in run or step mode; 3-Save, display and restore the AMD-2910 state after each microprogram or microinstruction execution.

    Original languageAmerican English
    Pages (from-to)78
    Number of pages1
    JournalJournal of the ACM
    Publication statusPublished - 1983


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